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Only for DeLi 0.7.x

Installation disks

The development of installation disk for all hardware outside the usual ATAPI-Boot-CDROM scheme will be discussed here

I created now a first set of installation floppy disks. They can be downloaded here:


  • deliroot.img before 2007/05/25: There was a typo in the netconfig script which prevented a correct nameserver setup. Fixed.
  • deliinstall on deliroot.img before 2007/05/22 won't mount a FAT partition (necessary e. g. if you transferred delibase.tgz on a FAT partition). This is fixed now.
  • 2006/10/12: renamed deliroot.gz to deliroot.img, because some browsers seem to decompress *.gz files automatically after download, particularly in Windows. At least Opera still does decompress the deliroot.img. If you get a about 3 MB file instead of the 1,3 MB one, do gzip deliroot.img and everything should be fine. Or use Firefox, wget, lynx, etc.:-)
  • deliroot.gz before 10/05 had a broken wget, so HTTP installation didn't work. This is fixed now.

Usage: Download them, then transfer them to a floppy disk like this:

dd if=deliboot.dsk of=/dev/fd0

On Windows you can use RAWRITE.

Boot with the boot disk (you can pass kernel parameters), then put in the root disk and finally mount the modules disk with the command modules. This disks should recognize most hardware in old computers. They even know PS/2 microchannel. You can use this disks to install DeLi from CDROM if your computer doesn't boot from CDROM and sbootmgr.dsk doesn't work for you.

They also feature network installation from LAN or the Internet. If all fails, a installation via nullmodem cable is supported.

The disks haven't been tested very much yet, but my firsts tests were promising.

Note on rc.pcmcia: There is no startup options file provided for the /etc/rc.d/rc.pcmcia script, so you must edit the script and at the minimum set the PCIC variable to either “tcic”, “i82365”, or “yenta_socket”.

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