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Driver modules for WLAN

Also wireless config utility/indicator: wicd and/or RutilT

wicd looks indeed interesting, but I'm not sure whether it is possible to build and run it on DeLi due to all the dependencies; however, with some support it is worth a trial (delix 2009-07-01)

wicd probably won't work, from my experience installing on Scientific Linux 5.4. Wifi-radar just might work, though (a lot smaller, somewhat simpler). (ibidem)


Is ALSA an option at all with DeLi Linux? Seems to sound better on some machines than OSS.

OSS is still default in 2.4.x kernels. However, my personal experience is that ALSA is … uhmmm … not the optimum driver stack for sound. Personally on my “big box” I switched back from ALSA to OSS - the full version became available under the GPL quite recently.

But if someone can definitely know that ALSA sounds better on some configurations please tell.

In my experience, OSS supports older soundcards better than ALSA.

If it is supported; in any case the flavour can support the two audio systems.

pcsnd module

for Deli 0.8 the kernel has to be recompiled (see


Udev allows Linux users to have a dynamic /dev directory and it provides the ability to have persistent device names


pmount is a wrapper around the standard mount program which permits normal users to mount removable devices without a matching /etc/fstab entry You can configure ivman to mount a device with pmount when a new device has detected


Graphical archiving frontend


Fotoxx is a free open-source Linux program for improving image files made with a digital camera.

file manager

I am open to suggestions for other file managers. The included ROX file manager uses gtk only, so it is ressource friendly. But I understand that the interface is somewhat unusual.

What about Gentoo or Worker? Both use GTK+ 2. They're two pane file managers so you can compare two different directories.
reply: Gentoo seems to need GTK1+ (says the homepage); Worker builds on DeLi but crashes just after showing up

What about endeavour2 ? It has now a makefile for gtk2 and is, indeed if it works fine with gtk2, a nice file manager. Will try it and post results soon.
reply: Any success ?

I think ROX should be named 'SUX'… ;) Try this one. I met it in SliTaz and found it great. GTK-based too:


System monitoring application. It was available in 0.7.2 along with a nice conkyrc config file. - PsynoKhi0


Instead of Conky why not torsmo? It's much more suited towards older machines, using alot less than Conky, (with the obvious side effect of having less options)


Xxkb is nice and powerful keyboard layout indicator. Since delilinux has full-featured X-server with Xkb extension, it would be great to have this app included too.


ZSNES is a Super Nintendo emulator. On April 2, 2001 the ZSNES project was GPL'ed and its source released to the public. (or an other good low resources SNES emulator to play old classic games like Zelda or Chrono Trigger)

reply: did you try to build and run it ? what's about the resources ?

Other WMs

I would like flwm ( or jwm ( as alterntives to icewm.

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