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This is an incomplete list of steps to overcome bugs or tune the system; you are most welcome to add improvements

DeLi comes with the Midnight Commander (start it with mc); it offers almost every tool you need for the system administration (edit, untar, copy files etc.)

– if you run “delisetup” just after you finished the installation xorg setup doesn't work; it will be okay after a reboot

– look for the /etc/X11 directory and run mkdir /etc/X11 if necessary

– after running “delisetup –> setup window manager” and “startx” as root
– change the owner of the file /tmp/return to <user> or the mode to 0666
– logout or start a second session with “Alt-F2”
– login as <user>
– run delisetup or /usr/lib/delisetup/delisetup
– go to the windowmanger setup, select icewm and install it
– quit delisetup
– this solves the xwmconfig problem

– uncomment the “current” - section in /etc/pacman.conf
– if the machine with Deli 0.8 has no connection to the web, go to the specified website to download the packages manually
– see the “package news” of the wiki pages
– start the network manually with /etc/rc.d/net start
– run pacman -Syu to update these packages you had installed already; this solves the run-services-at-boottime problem
– run pacman -U<packagename> to install additional packages (sudo !)

– you will need the “binutils” package if you want to compile anything
– you will need the “libtool” package if you want to use mpg123 or aumix
both packages are in the pacman group “devel” and therefore were NOT included in the “install all packages” selection of the installation

– for an automatic shutdown from the icewm window as root add this line to /root/.icewm/toolbar :
prog “System halt” logout /sbin/halt

– for an automatic shutdown from the icewm window as <user> : add the line
prog “System halt” logout sudo /sbin/halt
to /home/<user>/.icewm/toolbar, install the sudo package and add the line
<user> <hostname> = NOPASSWD:/sbin/halt
to /etc/sudoers

– if you want to recompile the kernel, download the portstree from the download page, untar it and get the .config-* file placed in the /ports/core/linux/ directory

– if you want to get 3rd party programs added to your local pacman database use “makepkg” and “pacman < -options>; you find examples of the PKGBUILD files you have to create in the portstree

– you can find (and provide ;-) ) some PKGBUILD files here :

– if you want to transplant some (missing) packages from Deli 0.7.2 (compiled with an earlier kernel version but nonetheless useable)to 0.8 you may find useful hints here : ; fixes a problem with the fonts

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