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Top priority projects for DeLi Linux 0.8.x

Make a lightweight Pacman

Pacman needs a lot of memory, therefore our goal is to create a “” (working title). The aim is to use a subset of Pacman's features in order to use much less memory.


  • 100% compatible to Pacman package format
  • Must-have-features: installation and removal of packages.
    • Should make correct entries to /var/lib/pacman.
    • Should honor backup flag (i. e. not overwrite existing config files)
  • Nice-to-have: dependency resolution. Maybe in a later version.
  • Extracting with existing tools (tar, gzip)
  • Fetching of files with wget

You can find a working minipac shell script at:

This version is able to install packages (with ”-U”) and make correct entries in the Pacman database. It is also able to remove packages previously installed with the package manager.

It doesn't honor backup parameter yet.

Translate delitools

deliinstall and delisetup should be translated in different languages. We need translators.

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