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The development of a DeLi Linux Live CD will be discussed here

Personally I think that with Damn Small Linux there is already a good Live CD for old computers, and a DeLi Linux Live CD would directly compete with it. But users asks for such a Live CD regularly.

The creation of a live CD should not be too hard, based on SLAX or rather

My comments

:I have been doing an independent project that has the same goals as DeLi Linux. One part of the project is a working live CD. Right now, I have some scripts that take the guts of CentOS 3.8, add some programs, and makes a live CD out of the mix. The reason for I made this is because I was unhappy with DSL:

* I don't like the name; very unprofessional

* No C development environment

* The only X server is Xvesa and Xframebuffer. This is hard on my eyes when using a CRT (fixed 60hz refresh)

* Too many applications I don't use

* The version of Firefox included with DSL is 1.0.6, which has a huge number of known security holes.

* I don't like the fonts included with DSL.

I have a system that solves all of the above problems for me. It's a very basic “browse the web and ssh on the go environment”; it includes an old version of XFree86, Opera 9.10, FVWM1 as the window manager, a C programming environment, Busybox for the *NIX environment, XMMS for listening to music, Wget and NetBSD's FTP client for downloading content, and Ace of Penguins for playing Freecell. The entire system, using Cramfs (as opposed to cloop, which compresses a little better), easily fits on a 50 meg business card CD.

Right now, I'm working on transferring the Live CD environment from using CentOS 3 as a base system to using DeLi Linux, mainly so I can have a system with better video card support. The first problem, which I have solved, is making Busybox 1.5 compile in DeLi Linux. People can check out this Busybox [ here]. I next plan on compiling FVWM, the FTP client, Wget, the FTP client, and Xmms. Opera will be a little tricky; looks like I will have to include the relevant Glibc files (about 1.5 megs uncompressed) and that may not fix it since I have to worry about the LD loader.

Anyway, it won't be DeLi Linux per se, but it will be a usable tiny LiveCD based on DeLi Linux.

- Sam

::Some updates: Busybox 1.5.0 now compiles in DeLi Linux (I'm using Busybox because my goal is to fit as much as possible in a 50 meg business card CD); I, after a few hours of troubleshooting, figured out which libs Firefox needs to run (Strace and ldd didn't help).

Not sure where to put this but firefox 3.5.x requires more libs than 3.x

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