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ChangeLog of DeLi Linux

Development versions (add the relase date of each version please)

Version 0.8.0

  • Kernel
  • Changed to pacman package system
  • Dropped GTK1, changed to GTK2 2.10.x for desktop apps
  • New default web browser Netsurf, additionally Skipstone
  • New print system cups
  • X.Org 7.3
  • switched to UTF-8

Version 0.7.2

  • Kernel
  • Added an unpriviledged user in the install script
  • Added more device nodes on install image (hdaX to hdeX, sdaX to sdgX)
  • New default web browser Konq-E
  • New print system pdq
  • X.Org 7.2
  • Replaced luxi TTF fonts with Liberation fonts from RedHat
  • delisetup: xorg config
  • other new packages: nano, gutenprint (successor of gimp-print), xaw3d, gv
  • removed from the default ISO: links2, gvu, siag
  • bugfixes

Version 0.7.1

  • Added MCA support to the kernel
  • EISA support was added, too
  • added deliget - a tool for downloading and installing packages
  • fixed locale setup to use xx_XX pattern
  • moved pcmia-cs to base
  • included jwm in xwmconfig
  • added adduser script to shadow
  • new packages: AbiWord, fox, xfe, xmms, samba 3 client
  • removed Pathetic Writer, samba 2
  • and, of course, tons of bugfixes

Version 0.7

  • Complete rewrite from scratch, here are only the most important changes
  • No longer based on Slackware (but it still uses some Slackware stuff)
  • Based on uClibc 0.9.28
  • Kernel
  • Xorg 7.1
  • A ports system (borrowed from Crux)
  • ksh as default shell

Version 0.6.1

  • fixed liloconfig/simple bug that causes liloconfig always to assume that /dev/hda1 is the root partition
  • fixed permission problems on some /dev files
  • Added an “Install all” Option to delipkg
  • Added the beginning of delibook

Version 0.6

  • in root.gz: new “graphic” deliinstall
  • new network and ppp install floppy disk
  • enhanced delisetup
  • new mmconfig for setting up the mail system
  • Replaced lynx with netrik
  • Replaced elvis-tiny with e3
  • added timezoneconfig
  • new libxml2
  • cleaned up some old unnecessary files
  • removed the texinfo system
  • bugfixes
  • new Slackware-like MANIFEST
  • new package list pack.txt

Version 0.5

  • Enhanced delisetup top be a complete admin tool
  • new package installer delipkg
  • new vesaconfig for config vesa xkdrive
  • rewrote xwmconfig
  • bugfixes

Version 0.4

  • New delisetup
  • Changed /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny
  • Patched pppsetup (usepeerdns)
  • some bugfixes

Version 0.3

  • excluded the old smbclient and created smbcli package with samba clients from samba 3.0 beta
  • removed deprecated ncftp programs
  • removed wu-ftpd and added a new package with proftpd
  • deliinstall calls delisetup directly now at installation
  • added libiconv for better i18n support
  • some minor bugfixes

Version 0.2

  • excluded openssl and openssh from the base package and put them in an extra package in series n
  • new kernel 2.2.25 and new modules
  • ide kernel is default now. Download vmlinuz-scsi if you need it
  • new pcmcia-cs (3.2.4) extra package, excluded from base package
  • modified delisetup slightly (bugfixes, for the most part), e.g.:
    • keymap setup writes to /etc/rc.d/rc.keymap directly now, it no longer links to
  • chmod /dev/tty*, /dev/null and /dev/pty* to rw for all
  • other small bugfixes

Version 0.1.1

  • openssh was broken - fixed
  • integrated tcpip1.tgz and tcpip2.tgz
  • deleted /dev/mouse link (caused problem with Xfree86SSetup)
  • Added the right kernel config file
  • many small bugfixes

Version 0.1

  • First public beta release
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