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(note : )

pkgdesc=“Image manipulation program”
makedepends=('intltool' 'libtool')
depends=('gtk2' 'glib2')

build() {

  cd ${startdir}/src/gimp-2.4.7
  ./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-print --disable-python --without-alsa
  make DESTDIR=${startdir}/pkg install


Here you will find Packages or Pkgfiles for Deli 0.7.2 or Repostitories made by DeLi Linux Users


Firefox package and dependencies (by rafael (at) riseup (dot) net):

Hint: You'll only need firefox, glib2 and libidl to run firefox Further, firefox needs with the default start page 24 MB of Memory

 pmap `pidof firefox-bin`|tail -1
 total    24076K

So I suggest at least 32 MB of RAM as the absolute minimum to run firefox

Dial-up modem software

1. If you are using a dial-up modem, you may wish to use WvDial for dialling up. I (lesliek) attempted to compile the latest version of WvDial, but without success. One of the developers of WvDial informed me that, using uClibc, I would not be able to compile any version of WvDial subsequent to a version 1.41 that he'd patched. I downloaded that patched version, compiled it successfully and have used it satisfactorily.

To make it easier for anyone interested in trying WvDial, I've uploaded the source code for the patched version 1.41 to:

2. The dial-up modem in my computer is a Lucent Winmodem. Linux driver software for that modem is available via: The latest version of that software that works with kernel version 2.4 is version 8.26a6. I downloaded the source code for that version, compiled it successfully and have used it satisfactorily.

To make it easier for anyone wanting drivers for a Lucent Winmodem, I've uploaded the version 8.26a6 source code to the address I mentioned in point 1 above. I've also uploaded the 2 drivers obtained from the source code: lt_serial.o and lt_modem.o. I don't know enough about these things to know whether it's sufficient for you simply to download the 2 drivers, rather than going through the compilation process. I intend to ask haary about that and edit what I've written above accordingly.

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